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Ahh, Greetings to all you internet junkies out there! This Web site is dedicated to my Home Cinema set-up, my computers & disc collection. I’ve named it “THE GRIMLEYPLEX”, for one simple reason. By some strange coincidence, my old workmates seemed to think I bear a resemblance to Gordon of “The Grimleys” a sitcom that played for a couple of years on ITV way back in in 1999. 

See here.

so my nickname is ‘Grimley’. The name of my Home Cinema is to pay homage to my “Stunt Double”.

To form your own opinion, there is a picture of both myself & the aforementioned Mr. Gordon Grimley below. I also use my nickname as my user name or pseudonym when I post on several internet message boards or forums, which are mostly AV, computer or DVD related.

This is me, on my way to the London Coffee Festival in April 2018, with my NHL Vegas Golden Knights baseball cap on.

This is ‘Gordon’ (my Stunt double), who I bear no resemblance to nowadays!

To make My “Stunt Double” even more of a resemblance to myself, all he has to do is wear different glasses, dress even more unfashionably & speak in an Essex Accent! Or is it the other way around?

(I look & feel 53 years old trust me!) I’ve lost over 2 stone in weight due to the fact I’ve cut back on my sugar intake & my job is lifting & carrying. I’m now over 18 years older when my nickname was Grimley at work, so I look less like Gordon Grimley than I used to. But nicknames tend to stick to people like glue & this site wouldn’t be the Grimleyplex without Gordon….*

Right, enough of such comparisons, just click on the links on the page to find out more about “THE GRIMLEYPLEX”.

If you don’t want to have a look, the Grimleyplex is my home cinema & entertainment system setup for watching DVD’s, Blu-rays, Hi-definition and other media stored on my computers and streaming from the internet & TV, surfing the internet & playing Computer games, all installed in my Bedroom . OK, I hear you say, in 2019 a big screen & surround sound is nothing new (in fact its almost commonplace now) but I’ve owned a surround sound setup since 1987, (other Home Cinema enthusiasts will confirm this) that is longer than almost any other Home Cinema owner. I would be interested to know if someone out there has owned such a setup for as long……

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