The setup @ January 2006.

The Screen Installed.Screen 2006

The Screen put away.

Front 2006

Now you see it….

Old Wardrobe Open

& now you don’t!

Old Wardrobe Closed

The main differences between the 2006 Home Cinema & the one in 2002, is 6.1 surround sound, (the old one was 5.1) & the viewing area was either on the 27” Widescreen LCD TV or via the projector on the 92” screen & being able to watch & record freeview digital TV & from Sky onto DVD. The power has increased from 550 watts from the old receiver to 600 watts on the new receiver, or 700 watts if 7 speakers were connected, but I thought having a 7.1 was overkill & unnecessary in this size room. The Subwoofer power had also increased from 50 watts to 600 watts & it does make a difference. I originally was going to upgrade the speakers last, but the opportunity arose to purchase the Velodyne Deco speaker system at a bargain price (half-price to be exact) & to upgrade the speaker system to 6.1 after the dealer agreed to sell me an extra satellite speaker. My Home Cinema is now more balanced sonically as a result with 6 identical satellite speakers. The bass has improved significantly too with the more powerful Subwoofer. I had at the time, several ways of watching DVD, Hi-Definition or TV broadcasts on my LCD TV or projector.

The projector I was also pleased with & had been for the 10 years or so that I owned it (for the price I paid) I know LCD has it’s limitations, but after comparing LCD with DLP projectors at more or less the same price at the time, I chose LCD because the disadvantages were less than DLP. With 92” viewing area, It does show every flaw that DVD picture quality has (It doesn’t with Hi-Definition though!), where I never noticed any DVD picture flaws on my old 27” widescreen TV.

No upgrades that year, due to frequent Computer upgrades & buying a much needed new car!


The shelf brackets supporting the projector screen were too short after I bought a new chest of drawers, so a quick trip to a DIY store was needed to extend those brackets (cost £6-!)


The Subwoofer developed a fault, so back it went to the Velodyne UK distributor (via my local Hi-Fi shop) for repair. The amplifier board was replaced at a cost of £150-. (it now has speaker terminals & I think the amp is more powerful) see the picture below.


The Sky digibox was playing up & getting on a bit so a replacement was required. Cost £160-, only to find out the reason the old one was playing up because it wasn’t connected to a phone line! So, I kept it for a few years as a spare.

Now onto 2008 to 2010.