In 2008, I did a couple of PC rebuilds, a change of hardware & a redecoration of my room. I decided to build a PC designed specifically to play back both formats of Hi-definition discs available at the time. Net cost £800-. I began to buy HD-DVD’s & Blu-Rays instead of DVD’s.

After various computer rebuilds, a rearrangement of bedroom furniture (& 2 chests of drawers from Ikea) & a clear out of my old bits & pieces on ebay, In order to playback Hi-Definition sound I had to connect 6 leads to my AV receiver. The back of the rack was a sodding mess & I got fed up with it! You can see the mess I had to contend with below.

a mess

I decided to update the sound part of my Home Cinema setup.

The Pioneer AV receiver I used to own, no longer suited my requirements (despite the fact I still liked it) so I sold that & bought the HD sound Receiver with HDMI inputs, a Denon AVR2808, cost £500. 

I also decided to redecorate my room as well, the wallpaper was damaged too much in places.


The Denon DVD player was old, I gave my DVD recorder to my parents. I also had a fire sale on ebay to get rid of the 2 dozen or so HD-DVD’s I’d bought in 2008 and old DVD’s. My Blu-ray collection began to grow. I decided to add Freeview and Freesat capability & recording to my everyday PC. My old everyday PC became my Gaming Rig. I bought a Freesat box & a Blu-Ray player as I could not get blu-ray to playback correctly on my PC’s.

The results are below.

Front 2010Screen 2010


Hardware 2010

The Hardware at the start of 2010 (with a little used gaming rig!)

The main differences between the Home Cinema from 2008 to 2010 & the one in 2006, is Hi-definition surround sound, Blu-ray playback, Freeview digital TV & Freesat HD TV viewing (Hi-definition picture quality via dedicated pieces of hardware).

The viewing I did was either on the 27” Wide-screen LCD TV or via the projector on the 92” screen.

I also decided to host the website on dedicated hosting, as the free webspace provided by my then internet service provider was nothing short of useless. It wasn’t expensive either so I changed over to a new provider as the connection was slow and kept disconnecting.


No upgrades this year (computers were updated though)

Now onto 2011 to 2015.