In early 2011, I was told about free to use content management system software (This site is now on WordPress) instead of using dedicated software on my PC ( it used to be a pain when you have changed PC’s as often as I do) This website is the result! I bought back the original domain grimleyplex.co.uk name in late 2011 & transferred the hosting over.

I rebuilt both PC’s, My sister wanted an ‘upgrade’ so it gave me an excuse to do so & give the old bits to her!

Not many Blu-rays bought this year, or hardware upgrades either for this year either.


In January 2012, I decided to buy a new wardrobe and new carpet, as my old carpet had worn out and I needed more space for my clothes. I destroyed the old wardrobe (it was an old MFI model, circa 1990 & it had to go) I cleared out everything from my room ready for the new carpet. My room had not been this empty since I 1st moved in in 1982! Back then there was no wallpaper, no carpet, no central heating & no double glazing (that changed quite quickly, we’d settled in, got to work & the house was completely decorated in a few months)

Here’s a couple of pics of an empty room, no Grimleyplex (only the sky box as that was wired into the rest of the tellies in the house, that went later in 2012) & waiting for a new carpet to be fitted!

old carpet 2 Old carpet

A day later (new carpet)

New Carpet 2 New Carpet 1

So the hard work began of putting my stuff back into my room!

I couldn’t put my clothes & my projector back until I bought a new wardrobe, so off to Ikea I went (with dad in tow) £600 later, I came home with 2 single and one double wardrobe of their ‘PAX MALM’ range of wardrobes. It s completely customisable, the design possibilities are endless & you can buy these with twin sliding doors. I made sure I bought the right width and height as well, the results are below.

Open 2012

Now you see it again….

Closed 2012

… & now you don’t again!

Screen 2014

The Screen Installed (little change there!).

Front 2014

The Screen put away (Bit of change since 2010!)

The sky TV box went in September 2012, because no one watched it anymore and I couldn’t justify paying £25 a month for it.


The Hardware I had in 2012 (with a little used blu-ray player on the top). In October of 2012 as Freeview HD was being broadcasted where I live, I bought a bigger and thinner LCD Telly (the one I have now) that was capable of receiving Freeview HD broadcasts (they were made thinner due to tellies being made with LED’s) The Toshiba I gave to my Nephew.

With the computers, I can tell one from the other by the CPU stickers on the front!

Projector 2014

The projector I had at the time sitting in its new home.

Cable tidy

I did try to tidy up the cables at the back once, this was the result. (Its actually a mess again & always is!)

The main differences between this Home Cinema in 2012 & the one in 2010, was the bigger telly and being able to watch and record Freeview HD digital TV through my Media PC which could record and watch Freeview HD on my telly. I was able to control both my telly and my PC over the home network via the router & a network switch.

2013 to 2015.

Mainly because I went out on a Saturday night the Home Cinema was hardly used (I don’t use it during the week as I go to bed early for work)

I bought a new car in early 2013, plus a couple of holidays abroad. I changed the everyday use PC twice due to sister & nephews wanting new PC’s.

2014, bought replacement of both PC’s (2nd hand this time round) & the old parts were handed down to Sister, Nephews & Dad.

2015, a quiet year again. A few PC upgrades & a Raspberry Pi 2 purchased, but nothing much.

Now from 2016 onto the Present.