In 2016, now that I had reached 50 years old, it was now or never to take the next step in upgrades. As other Home Cinema enthusiasts were upgrading to 4K or better 1080p setups along with Dolby Atmos/DTS-X sound systems too, I decided to plunge into the second hand market and replaced my Projector (from 720p to 1080p) and my Receiver (Network Control with more HDMI outputs and inputs). Net cost £420.  A partial redecoration of my room was done too. 

In 2017, I added a better Coffee Machine & gave it an upgrade to make better coffee, added an electric Coffee Grinder & bought an antique chest of Drawers to replace the broken Ikea one.

So, here it is. (most recent pics taken in June 2017)

The screen installed (pic taken from the left this time, the older ones on here are on the right)

The Screen rolled up.

The wardrobe open and closed (with the Epson in Situ)



Other bits & pieces are on the bits & pieces page.