When I was younger, I tried to make my room a bit more like a Cinema. I sourced some plaques that you would see in a typical Cinema in the Late 90’s (I can’t remember the cost) I would imagine these plaques would be much sought after now.


My Current Subwoofer which I’ve owned since 2004, A Velodyne Deco subwoofer (8″ driver & 1KW amp)


I bought a ‘Film poster’ sometime in 2010, (a screen print of one anyway) The Blues Brothers, my Favourite Musical & also in my Disc collection.


Now the Current AV Receiver I have gets rather hot in use. I’ve had other AV Receivers fail due to overheating in the past, so this time I rigged a rudimentary solution. My media pc is usually on the same time as my Receiver, so I fed a power lead out of the back of the PC case & connected it to a large & quiet PC case fan ( a 140MM Noctua model)

cooling receiver

So most of the heat is sucked out of the Receiver during use. Crude but effective.

In early November 2017, I bought a 2nd generation Amazon Echo, because I’m a Gadget fiend & wanted to have one after trying one out during an airbnb stay earlier in the year.