I had left the cinema the previous year, & started what I thought was a long career in DIY retailing. My income had increased significantly; the time was right to buy my first home cinema equipment. I had Technics Hi-Fi separates & Monitor Audio speakers as a stereo system at the time, so I needed a *Dolby* surround processor, rear speakers & a stereo VHS video.

I bought the stereo VHS video locally (Philips for £400-). I had to go to Tottenham Court road in London (an experience I will not care to repeat again, for reasons I will keep to myself) for the *Dolby* surround processor and rear speakers, cost £350-. Total cost £750-.

After drilling holes in the ceiling in my bedroom and running of wires from one end of my bedroom to the other via the loft (much to my mum’s protests) hey presto, the Grimleyplex was born!

Software was also hard to get hold of back then; my first copy of a pre-recorded video I bought was “The Last Starfighter” from the now defunct Woolworths! I spent the next few months buying pre-recorded stereo videos to watch at home. No Nicam, no Digital, no big screen (I was watching all the films on a portable TV I got for Xmas) but at the time & for the money spent, it was home cinema at it’s finest (to my family and me anyway). After a couple of years, I began to upgrade the hardware. The pages of previous hardware are split into Receivers & Disc players, Tellies & Projectors and Speakers & Subwoofers. The three pages cover my upgrades from 1990 to the present day.

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