This is a page for some of the other Receivers and Disc/media players I’ve owned in the past.

AV Receivers;

pioneer vsa 730

A Pioneer VSA 730 Dolby pro logic receiver Bought in 1993 from Wired in Southend for £350. Failed and repaired in 1996, sold to Cash Converters in 1998 when I wanted a Dolby digital Receiver for DVD. Replaced with the model below.

sherwood R925

A Sherwood R925 Dolby Digital Receiver from Richer Sounds in 1998 for £400. Kept it for a year before wanting a DTS Receiver. Replaced with the model below.


A Sony STR-DB930 Receiver, bought from Empire Direct in 1999 for £350. Not very reliable, packed up twice and repaired (overheated) before selling to a workmate at the time in 2000. Replaced with the model below.


A Sony STR-DB940 Receiver, I was going to buy a another 930 from Richer Sounds again in 2000, but the salesperson said the replacement model (shown below) was available for not much more. I traded in the Sherwood & paid the difference, cost £200. I wanted 6.1 surround sound when it became available in 2004. Sold to a family friend (he still has it) Replaced with the model below.


A Pioneer VSX-AX3 Receiver, bought from the Bristol show sponsor Audio T in 2004 for £630.  I wanted the HD sound formats when blu-ray was released in 2008. Sold on AV forums. Replaced with the model below.

AVR 2808

A Denon AVR 2808 Receiver bought From Richer Sounds for £500. (Could have bought it for £100 less a week later – good timing!) To date I owned this particular receiver for over 7 years, longer than any other receiver in the above list. I wanted a receiver that could be controlled over my home network and have at least 2 HDMI outputs (for my telly & projector) Replaced with the model I have now in 2016.

Tape & Disc players;

The original Philips VCR packed up in 1991. Replaced with this one.


Panasonic NV-F65, bought from a Local Panasonic Dealer in 1991 £450. It was relegated to recording TV only in 1998 when DVD came out. Sold on ebay, Replaced with this model.


Panasonic NV-FJ710. I won this model VCR in a work competition in 2001 (then quit the job I had at the time straight away afterwards) Sold on ebay in 2005 when I got rid of all my pre-recorded Videos & bought the DVD recorder shown further down. Now onto DVD players.

Panasonic DVDa100

Panasonic DVDA100. Bought from Richer Sounds in 1998 for £400. In 1998, I gained internet access & became aware of overseas titles that I could not play on this player. It could not play back DTS titles either (I wanted that too) Sold to a family friend & replaced with this one. 


A Sony DVP-S525 Multi Region DVD player. Bought from Techtronics in 1999 for £450. When I bought my 1st projector in 2004, I needed a component output DVD player with progressive scan. Sold on Ebay, Replaced with this one.


A Sony DVP-NS930 Multi Region DVD player. Bought from in 2004 for £400 (I bought a black model by mistake) Sold on Ebay again but kept for a while but I did want an HDMI output DVD player for the projector I bought in 2005. The HDMI model player is the model below.

Samsung 950

A Samsung DVD-HD950 from Richer Sounds. I kept it for 3 months and sold on AV forums due to buying the model below second hand.


A Denon DVD-2910 Multi Region. Kept it until 2009, sold on ebay. Replaced it with the Panasonic blu-ray player I have now.

Panasonic DMRes20

Panasonic DMR-ES20 DVD recorder bought from richer Sounds in 2005. Gave to my parents when I bought the blu-ray player & it packed up in 2014.