This is a page for some of the other Speakers & Subwoofers I’ve owned in the past.

When I bought my 1st AV receiver in 1993, I needed to buy a Centre Speaker & a Subwoofer. I bought both from a Retailer in Lakeside Thurrock. The Centre speaker was this one:

Jamo Center 100

A Jamo Center 100. Cost £130 (I think) Kept it until 2004, sold on ebay, when I bought the speakers I have now. The Subwoofer was this one:


A Yamaha YSTSW50. Cost £150, I kept it until 2002, sold on AV Forums. Replaced with this one.


A MJ acoustics pro 50 Subwoofer. Bought from Bennetts Ipswich in 2002 after hearing it at the Bristol show. I ended up paying over the odds for it (£300) when someone told me that it was made just down the road from where I live & I could have got it for almost half the price I paid direct from them! Sold to a Family Friend (he still has it) in 2004 & bought the Subwoofer I have now. 

I decided the front speakers were taking up too much floor space in my room in 1997. I gave the Monitor Audios to my Dad, they went in the loft in 2000 & were eventually sold on ebay in February 2016. Replaced with this pair of speakers below.

Tannoy M1

Tannoy Mercury M1’s. bought From Richer Sounds in 1997 cost £150. I kept these until 2004, until I replaced them with the speakers I have now. In 1998 I felt that the sound in the room was not quite right. The Wharfedales were sold to a workmate at the time & were replaced with this pair of speakers below.


Tannoy Mercury M1’s. bought from Richer Sounds on the day my eldest nephew was born in 1998! I kept these until 2004, sold to a family friend (he still has them) I replaced them with the speakers I have now.