This is a page for some of the other Tellies and Projectors I’ve owned in the past.


philips28CRT TV

It was a Philips Nicam Telly just like this one. I paid £630 for it in 1990 from Allders. It was a piece of JUNK! It failed in 1994, the repair cost over £400! It failed again but was re-repaired & it was in the workshop for over 6 months. It lasted another four years before it gained a ‘widescreen’ mode it never had before, then it packed up completely & was scrapped. Replaced with the model below.


A JVC AV28WT2. I bought it from the electrical retailer I was working for at the time & it served me faithfully until 2005, I gave the JVC to my sister for the Nephews to play their games console on. Replaced with the model below.


A Toshiba 27WL56P LCD Telly I bought on the internet for £600. It served me faithfully until 2012 when I wanted a slightly bigger telly with Freeview HD (this telly did not) I  gave this one to my sister again. Replaced with the telly I have now.



Panasonic PT-AE300. Bought in 2004 from Roy Jowett. Sold on AV Forums in 2005 as I wanted a Higher Resolution Projector. Replaced with the model below.


Sanyo PLV-Z3. Bought in 2005 from Ivojo. Kept it until 2016, sold on AV Forums as I decided to get a second hand higher resolution projector which is the one I have now.