(The images on this page are not mine, these are the best images I could find on the internet)Philips VCR

This Philips VCR (I think) bought from the local Comet in October 1987.

Marantz RV351Dolby Surround processor

This Marantz RV351 *Dolby* Surround Processor, I bought from a shop in Tottenham Court Road, London in October 1987.

Technics SUV5The Stereo Amplifier I had at the time, a Technics SU-V5. Bought in 1984 from Rayleigh Hi-Fi.


The Front Speakers I had at the time, Monitor Audio R352’s, I bought these in 1984 from Rayleigh Hi-fi again. (I sold these in February 2016 on ebay & they still worked after 16 years in the loft!)

Wharfedale Diamond III

The surround speakers, Wharfedale Diamond III’s bought from Tottenham Court Road, London October 1987.

Cost off the top of my head?

VCR £400

Processor £150

Amp £150

Speakers £170

Rear Speakers £100

Portable telly – free, got for Xmas!

Total £1000 or thereabouts (including the wiring & connectors)! (almost 3 months wages for me back then!)

* Dolby and the double-D symbol are registered trademarks of Dolby Laboratories *