The birth of the Grimleyplex Website in 2002.

I came up with the idea for the Grimleyplex web site in March of this year (I nicked the idea from a former member of a forum I post on really!), after surfing the web looking at other Home Cinema web sites (I became a member of AV & the Digital fix Forums) I began designing the site in my spare time as part of a computer course I had enrolled in but failed to finish. The Grimleyplex website was born (You’re looking at it now, aren’t you?) The pictures on this page were taken with my first digital Camera (Argos again) which were on the original version of this website.

The photos I took of my room at the time (I don’t have older photos, at least I don’t think I do) The upgrades since 1990 had been:

From a portable telly to a 28″ 4:3 to a 28″ 16:9 Widescreen Nicam model.

From a separate Amplifier & processor to a *Dolby Pro-logic* Receiver, A *Dolby Digital* Receiver, and 2 **DTS** Receivers.

2 Video Recorders.

A 1st generation DVD player & a multi-region DVD player.

1 Centre speaker & 2 Subwoofers. Front and Rear speakers replaced with the same make speakers.

Sky TV & Sky digital TV.

A minidisc player I bought for some reason. (recording discs for use at my old work at the time)

As I’ve stated on other pages, all of my Home Cinema hardware is installed in my bedroom. Everything you see below is I’ve either sold on or given away. I didn’t have an awful lot of room for a CRT TV, so a 28 “Wide-screen TV fitted in comfortably & suited me at the time for about 95% of my viewing requirements (which was at the time, mainly sports, documentaries & the odd music channel on Sky TV). A bigger CRT Wide-screen TV would have been be too large & cumbersome to lift upstairs & fit in my bedroom. You may be able to see the Terminator 2 (Region 1) DVD main menu displayed on the TV. (I still own this DVD despite purchasing the blu-ray when it 1st came out!!)

Hardware 2002

The rack with the Hi-fi separates on it came from Argos.

The old hardware list from 2002 is as follows:

Sony STR-DB 940 5.1 Receiver.

Sony DVPS-525 DVD player.

Sony MDS-JB520 Mindisc player.

Panasonic NVFJ710 VCR. (I won in a competition at one of my previous employers)

Tannoy M2 front speakers.

Tannoy M1 Rear speakers.

Jamo Centre 100 centre speaker.

MJ Acoustics Pro 50 Subwoofer.

JVC AV28WT2 28” Widescreen TV.

Pace Sky digibox.

The wires you see across the chimney breast are co-ax cables wiring Sky Digital TV to the rest of the TV’s in the house (a DIY job).

Front 2002


No upgrades were purchased for this year so far due to holidays, my health & other expenses. I concentrated on increasing my DVD collection instead. I went over to broadband internet connection for easier & quicker surfing of the internet.

As new surround sound formats were appearing & the price of decent quality front projectors were decreasing to more affordable levels, I decided I wanted a Cinema sized picture, as large as I could reasonably afford & I could fit in my bedroom. I wanted a decent quality source to feed the projector as well.

6.1 surround sound setups & DVD’s were becoming more fashionable in Home Cinema circles & affordable, I felt there was no balance to the speaker setup , the only way to solve that was to replace the old speakers with a setup with identical speakers all round. The bass was OK, but I knew I could (& afford) to do better.

I also began saving to give my Home Cinema a major overhaul, the results which you will see on the 2004 – 2005 page.