Right, You’ve seen a piccy of me on the home page, so the lord only knows why I’ve put a whole page about myself on here? Anyway here goes, a bit about me instead going on about the Grimleyplex.!

I’m 53 years old & single, Essex born & bred. I still live at home with my folks (sad I know) but I do own my own house which I inherited from my Nan. Not saying where though, I’m keeping it as an investment for now. As of December 2018 its empty awaiting refurbishment for new tenants. I have now paid the mortgage off.

I am rather shy & quiet towards anyone I don’t really know (at first) some people at work & at a few of the places I deliver to weekly, think I’m an unhappy stroppy git sometimes (I do tell jokes to some people though)! But people who do know me seem to think (god knows why??) that I am a keen, honest and hard working person who takes pride in his work. I care deeply about my family & the people I love.

I do listen to peoples problems & I give advice to them where I can. I also don’t lie as this gets me into trouble! I’m also a man of my word & try to keep a promise when I can, honesty is the best policy I always say.

I do have a particularly dry & sarcastic sense of humour, which I use often & is an acquired taste (so is ARSENIC I hear you all cry.)

My bad points? OK, I admit it, I have a rather short fuse when I’m kept waiting & when things go wrong. I sometimes (though I have learned to control this as I’ve got older) open my mouth before engaging brain, which has upset some people in the past. My appetite gets me into trouble as well (I usually eat all the snacks in the house).

I’m a delivery driver for a business near to where I live, I drive a 7.5 ton truck which is the oldest vehicle in the depot, it has its idiosyncrasies, but I don’t mind as its better than the last piece of Junk! I basically deliver and collect to factories, garages, car dealers, small businesses, shops & supermarkets. My round is in north east Essex / central Suffolk. It’s hard work & a 4/5 a.m. start every weekday, I’ve done this job since May 2001. I may have to give up the job eventually, as the job is giving me back & knee problems, or I will have to spend time looking after my parents who are now in their Late Seventies.

In some of my spare time, I do a little bit of volunteer work. I also help out in a Charity shop once or twice a month. I’m a member of a Local Lions club, formed in September 2015, of which I am the club’s website administrator and Health & Safety officer. I help out with the poppy appeal when needed too.

When I’m not doing what’s described above or working full-time, I’m working around the house, running errands for my folks, spending a little time with my Sister & 2 Nephews when they are not at University! (Aged 18 & 21) or spending time on the web on the several or so discussion forums that I’m a member of! Links to a few of these are in the column on the right.

Hobbies? I’m a bit of a Geek (building or fixing computers for myself or my family). I do follow the footy/various sports & like a drink as well just like most blokes (not when I’m driving the following day mind!) Artisan Coffee seems to be my drink of choice these days & I’ll travel to try places out.

Likes: Tech, Home Cinema, Some sports, Artisan Coffee, Volunteer work.

My Motto right now? Life’s too short to drink bad Coffee….

That’s a brief summary, I could tell you more but I’d crash this site or the entire Internet doing so. Besides, there is more to me than what I put on here, to find out just read what I put in my forum posts or talk to me!

Well that’s it, thanks for looking, Good luck & happy bidding! Er… This is Ebay isn’t it…

No its not Ebay, I hear you all say, just have a look round the rest of the site with my compliments!