Now what is Home Cinema I hear some of you cry? Well, for the unenlightened it is trying to recreate a Cinema (Surround sound & BIG picture) in your own home. Most people are quite content to watch a DVD or Blu-Ray at home on their TV with a basic disc/media player or recorder not knowing they can setup a Home Cinema similar to mine for around £3,000- (or about $5,000).

You could spend less on the projector/TV & surround sound, but you may compromise on the sound & picture quality. There are enthusiasts who will spend very large amounts of money on their Home Cinema setups & companies who make a living out of setting up bespoke Home Cinema setups in dedicated rooms.

There are also people (like myself) who choose & setup their own Home Cinema & make changes when they see fit, or when new technology becomes available.

These days, with the creation of DVD/Blu-ray & High Definition viewing now readily available, it has never been a better time to buy & setup your own Home Cinema!

Well, if you are stuck, you have a powerful ally (the internet!) & a powerful ally it is (no Star Wars pun intended there!) is the internet, providing a wealth of information on DVD/Blu-ray & Home Cinema. To get you started, here’s a few links (click on any of the links on the left) it may help you understand some of the Home Cinema jargon I’ve put on this site….

If you do not want to click on these links, I‘ve put in a layout of my own Home Cinema below. Most Home Cinemas are in a 5.1 configuration. There are 3 front speakers, which are in front of the user, along with the screen or TV (front right, front left & Centre speakers) 2 rear surround speakers, which sit above & behind the user (the 5 in the 5.1 & a Subwoofer (a single specialist Bass speaker) which is the .1 . Modern & more expensive setups can have more speakers (more speaker channels) and 2 rather than 1 Subwoofers.

HC Room


Mine is a 6.1 surround sound setup, it has an extra centre rear surround speaker & is a less common feature found in Home Cinemas. My room is too small for more speakers so I’ve decided to leave it as it is, it’s suited my requirements since 2004 & I’ve not felt the need to upgrade since then.

There are Two digital surround sound formats for DVD & Blu-Ray, a high end standard for Home Cinema hardware, DVD & Blu-Ray called ***THX***. For more information, click on the links in the left hand column.

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