I have over 100 DVD & Blu-ray discs in my collection to date (or thereabouts!) which I have collected over the last 19 years. Some I have bought in shops & the rest I have bought online (new or second hand). My collection is constantly changing (buying & selling) due to lack of space, the fact I get bored of watching a particular title & I always want the most recent version of a disc! Some of the blu-rays in my collection I’ve owned on VHS video and/or DVD too (as you can see from a photo I took in 2004!) , as well as the now defunct HD-DVD.  I hate to think how much money I’ve spent on software since 1987!

The Collection as of March 2016.
The Collection 12 years earlier.

My CD collection has CD’s dating back as far as 1985, they still sound just as they did back then, which proves to anyone the longevity of CD discs. My DVD & Blu-ray Disc collection is now logged into DVD Profiler, click on the image below if you wish to have a look. Please note! My taste in films has varied over the years, I’m also a sucker for Epic films, Blockbusters & 80’s stuff! There are a couple of duplicates in my collection, there are also one or two DVD’s in there I will never replace with Blu-ray (even if I could!) most of them being live music DVD’s.